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organizes and invites you to attend the


25th HDO Mediterranean Conference on Maintenance

MeditMaint 2019



May 22 – 24, 2019

Dubrovnik, Hotel Croatia Cavtat


Dear friends, property maintenance experts and property owners!

The Program and Organizational Advisory Board invites you to the 25th International Counseling and Exhibition MeditMaint 2019 – Maintenance 2019. This year's consulting and exhibition will be held under the heading Maintenance is Development to highlight the importance of maintaining property management key importance in the business of each organization for the first time. This year again we expect the involvement of the Mediterranean countries, and more than 200 participants, renowned callers from around the world, Europe, the US and the Mediterranean, which should especially focus on leaders and maintenance managers as well as professionals and asset management experts.

The Conference deals with the largest and most important infrastructure project in Croatia by building the Peljesac bridge and the challenges of future maintenance during its exploitation in its life span. The construction of Morandi Bridge in Italy has prompted everything in Europe, including Croatia, to further analysis and the adequacy of appropriate maintenance strategies. This is also the EFNMS workshop on visualization of Physical Assets Management.


The aim of the Conference is to emphasize the importance of maintaining and managing assets through the exchange of knowledge and experience of engineers, experts, scientists, manufacturers and equipment maintenance personnel. Our wish is that the gathering and communication of experts and scientists in the field of maintenance and exhibition and presentation of equipment manufacturers will stimulate new and useful topics in professional and research work related to maintenance and engineering in the broader sense. The choice of the venue for this year's consultation is related to the gathering of experts in the maintenance and management of property from the Mediterranean countries with three continents. Eminent lecturers from Croatia, Europe and the world are the curiosity of the content of consulting from various fields of energy, construction, oil, pharmaceutical and food industries.


 is foreseen for the EFNMS EAMC workshop in English. Keynote speakers are::

  • Kari Komonen, Janez Tomažin:
    EFNMS Workshop: Physical Asset Management in front of fast changing business environment and new technological horizons

THE SECOND DAY OF CONFERENCE is foreseen for presenting papers on topics that are traditionally present at counseling. Each topic unit of counseling begins with the lectures of invited lecturers.

Based on the received summaries, it can be concluded that topics from the field of quality management in maintenance as well as the introduction of new modern maintenance technologies are mostly occupied by experts and scientists. Also, the increased use of information (smart) systems in maintenance as well as maintenance of electrical systems and installations is noticed.

We can announce several very interesting works from the field of maintenance of buildings, catastrophe management, example of Morandi bridge collapse as well as risk analysis and decision making in the maintenance of infrastructure buildings and bridges in Croatia especially in the example of the future Pelješac bridge. Keynote speakers are:

  • Željko Uhlir: Challanges in maintaining infrastructure with emphasis on Croatian bridges
  • Marjan Pipenbaher: The biggest challenge for maintenance experts at the Peljesac Bridge
  • Franco Santini: Maintenance Management for Plant and Infrastructures Integrity

Given the increasingly stringent requirements for environmental protection and the development of new technologies with the use of environmental fuels for the operation of internal combustion engines, it is necessary to adapt the maintenance systems, as warned by our specialists. An important ecological theme is also waste management, which will also be discussed in counseling.

All accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings and the Book of Abstracts, which will be given to the participants when they arrive at the counseling. The official languages of the consultations are Croatian and English.

 is for Maja Nodari from the Association of Friends of the Dubrovnik Inheritance and Conservation Institute, regarding the preservation of the Walls of the old city of Dubrovnik.

After concluding discussions and discussions, a visit to the old part of Dubrovnik is planned by visiting the Walls. After the tour of the Walls follows the final consultations at Sponza Palace with drinks and snacks and the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Matko Franković.


We invite all interested experts and scientists to join us in the announced activities. We also invite exhibitors who want to prepare an exhibition of maintenance products and services that will be organized in the same term as counseling, to contact us to arrange the details and ways and means of other forms of cooperation and help in organizing this traditional annual assembly of maintenance experts.

For our better co-operation and expansion of circle of friends and active associates in the field of maintenance and property management, please forward this call and our contacts to your colleagues and friends or let us know about potential new associates.


The official languages of counseling are Croatian and English.


15/03/2019   Sending the application, title, and summary of paper

20/03/2019   Notice of accepting the Application

05/04/2019   Delivery of all papers

15/04/2019   Notice of accepting all papers

15/04/2019   Exhibitor application

30/04/2019   Booking of the accommodation at the privileged price


  • Maintenance Technologies
  • Supervision and Diagnosis
  • Reliability, availability and maintenance convenience
  • Management and maintenance organization
  • Management of tangible assets and facilities
  • Quality and standards in maintenance
  • Maintenance information systems
  • Training in maintenance and support of maintenance processes
  • Ecology, Security, Ethics and Maintenance
  • Electrical engineering, electrical industry and maintenance
  • Students' papers


  • Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning
  • City of Dubrovnik
  • FSB – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Zagreb
  • FER – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb
  • FESB – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Split
  • Croatian Metrology Institute
  • JANAF d.d., Zagreb
  • HEP – Hrvatska elektroprivreda, Zagreb
  • INA Maziva d.o.o., Zagreb
  • Turbomehanika d.o.o., Kutina
  • Podravka d.d., Koprivnica
  • Pliva d.o.o., Zagreb
  • Lana karlovačka tiskara d.d., Karlovac
  • CEMEX Hrvatska d.d., Kaštel Sućurac
  • Adria Grupa d.o.o., Zagreb


HDO – Croatian Maintenance Society
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tel.: +385 1 4922 021
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Krešimir Brandt, PR, PRESS, Marketing, +385 91 6300 480
Drago Frković, predsjednik Organizacijskog odbora, +385 98 477 217


Each participant should personally book the hotel accommodation by registering using the code HDO2019 on the website so that the participants of the consultation will realize the privileged accommodation price until 
April 30, 2019.